Brand promise

Our brand promise is to become greener in everything we do. Our kids will inherit the Earth and we want to actively secure it for generations to come. 

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Renewable energy

Moving towards a greener production.

In 2020 we teamed up with the danish company Ørsted to optimize our production and move towards a greener production line. Now all the electricity that we use to produce our products, made in our own production facilities, is covered with certificates from renewable energy production from European wind turbines. This is one of our investments in a cleaner production.

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Recycled packaging

The current legislation requires our pacifiers to be wrapped in plastic, due to durability and safety, however we have chosen a thin blister wrap 360 degrees around the pacifier, which is made in Rpet to which 80% of the plastic material is recycled and 20% is virgin plastic. The 20% new plastic is used as a thin film on both sides of the blister, to secure food approval and the best conditions for the products.

In addition to packaging, our instruction leaflets are made from thin paper material at just 70g. It has the Nordic Ecolabel and the marking is affixed to the leaflet.

The cardboard we use can be used for dry packaging, aqueous, acidic, non-fatty foodstuffs. The cardboard is suitable to use under the following conditions of temperature and time. Freezer / fridge (-20 ° C to 5 ° C more than 24 h)/Room temperature (up to 40° C for more than 24 h). Due to these requirements, the cardboard we use is not recycled, but can be recycled after use.

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Production facilities

All our own produced products are created at our production factory in Hillerød, Denmark where we use the latest technology and production line to produce products with energy saving equipment.