BIBS Supreme is a symmetrical pacifier with a wide shield.

BIBS Supreme – Symmetrical and comfortable


Exclusive look and design

BIBS Supreme is our exclusive pacifier in a stylish danish design. This pacifier is for the baby who prefers a symmetrically shaped nipple.


Design and colors

The unique and elegant shield is designed to ensure optimal passage of air to the sensitive skin around the mouth. It comes in a premium look, with trendy colors blend with a modern matte finish.


Nipple of the pacifier

The nipple is symmetrically shaped to reduce pressure to teeth and jaw. It comes in both soft natural rubber latex and silicone. As the nipple is flat and drop shaped it supports correct jaw development. The silicone nipple has an innovative pattern integrated in the nipple which makes it more resistant to baby’s first sharp teeth than regular silicone pacifiers are.