Autumn Escape

Our new seasonal color collection ‘Autumn Escape’ captures the holiday feeling and extends the late-summer mood long into autumn and winter.

Autumn Escape

This collection is inspired by the calm and peaceful atmosphere that is created when we take a break from hectic everyday life.

Dusty Blue

Dusty Blue is a soft and delicate shade inspired by the cold morning mist that lies like a soft blanket over the fields, lakes, and oceans. It is perfect for winter, and ideal for pairing with darker blues, grey, and earth tones.


Evergreen is a deep green, inspired by the green clover fields of summer. The color expresses a healthy, vital, and energizing look. It is fresh yet bold, and it is a new favorite - already making its mark this season.

Fossil Grey

Fossil Grey is a timeless and versatile shade leading the mind toward long walks on the beach looking for rocks, seashells, and fossils. The color supports a modern and sophisticated look and is a great partner to denim and a wide variety of other colors.


Khaki is a classic neutral shade and a perfect match for the darker autumn wardrobe. With its soft beige hue, it reminds one of quiet Sunday mornings and straw fields where the blades of dried grass wave gently in the wind.


Mauve is a pale shade of purple inspired by the wild berries of autumn. It invokes feelings of romance, elegance, and creativity. It is one of the trending colors for Autumn 2022 and pops up everywhere in the fashion scene.