The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

At BIBS we are extremely proud to have joined the circle of GOTS certified companies. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an international organic label for clothing and textiles that aims to ensure sustainability throughout the product's life cycle.

As a GOTS-certified company, BIBS offers fully organic cotton products that comply with the strictest environmental and social requirements at every step of the supply chain. Right from processing, production, packaging, labeling, trade, and shipping. In addition, there are both environmental requirements and requirements for social responsibility.

To claim that a given product is sustainable requires a full life cycle analysis of the textiles, right from the time the raw material is grown until the textiles are no longer used and become waste. The quality alone - e.g., organic cotton - does not make a product sustainable. However, with GOTS-certified textiles, this is all ensured, and you can be confident that our textiles are sustainable since they are all GOTS-certified.

Environmental criteria

  • It is forbidden to use any harmful chemicals in the chemical process, such as heavy metals, nickel, chromium, PVC, formaldehyde. In addition, all chemicals, such as dyes, must meet several criteria to be approved in production.
  • Do not use chlorine in bleaching textiles.
  • All producers must have an environmental policy that includes requirements for wastewater and waste management.
  • Packaging, paper, and cardboard must not contain PVC and hangtags must, for example, be made of recycled paper or cardboard or be certified according to FSC and PEFC.

Requirements for social responsibility

  • Workers must perform the work voluntarily without force - and there must be no coercive or inhuman treatment.
  • There must be safe and hygienic working conditions.
  • No use of child labor.
  • The minimum wage must be set.

Requirements for the product life cycle

  • Previous labels have only focused on the end-product. GOTS focuses on all stages from the farmer who produces cotton to the end user who eventually discards the product.
  • There are requirements for inspections in both agriculture, production, and transport.

Who is behind GOTS?

GOTS was founded by four well-reputed organizations: Organic Trade Association (OTA, USA), Internationaler Verband der Naturtextilwirtschaft (IVN, Germany), The Soil Association (UK), and Japan Organic Cotton Association (JOCA, Japan). Two of these (IVN and JOCA) are textile industry organizations, while the other two (OTA and Soil Association) are organic organizations rooted in organic agriculture and food.

You can read more about GOTS here:

GOTS certification (Scope Certificate Number: CU1103269)